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We are proud to present this DVD which is not only a video-tour to the ancient landmarks of the Golden ring of Russia but also useful video-guide to best hotels in the area. Whether you start to discover this remarkable land with outstanding historical background while planning a tour or wish to keep and share your memories of your journey with your family back home this DVD has something for everyone. Our video-team leads you to a breathtaking journey through the ages, showing both the famous magnificent pieces of Vladimir and Suzdal, and the lesser-known private corners of ancient Russian towns, which hold essential clues to the story of The Golden ring of Russia.

«The Golden Ring of Russia»

DVD cover The Golden Ring of Russia

© VideoTour, 2007

42 min
DOLBY Digital 2.0


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DVD Disk "The Golden ring of Russia"

Vladimir-Suzdal Rus is an area of luxurious natural and architectural beauty. Here, in the very heart of Russia, one can really get to know the Russia of princes, tsars, folk tales and feel the heartbeat of its ancient history.
Vladimir is over one thousand years old. It was founded by prince Vladimir of Kiev on the high bank of the Klyazma river at the end of the 10th century. At the beginning of the 12th century the city was fortified by prince Vladimir Monomakh and at the middle of the 12th century Vladimir became the capital of the Vladimir-Suzdal principality and of the North-Eastern Russia.
Andrei Bogolyubsky's younger brother Vsevolod the Big Nest preserved and added to the magnificence of the city. He constructed the Kremlin with the cathedral of St.Demetrius, the Nativity monastery with the white stone cathedral, the Princess Convent and the most sacred thing of the principality - the Assumption cathedral.
The first reference to Suzdal was made in the chronicle in 1024 in connection with the peasants' uprising, which spread "throughout the land". At the turn of the 12th century a fortified town (i.e. the Kremlin) was built at the bend of the Kamenka river. The river protected the town from the west and a deep moat was dug from the east. The eastern ramparts with wooden walls and towers on the top were also built for protection. The old ramparts and the moat survived up to now, and belong to the historical sights of the town.


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